This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy, February 26, 2023

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|February 26, 2023
This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy

This week, we thanked the federal government for investing in Holocaust education, weighed in on the consequences of hate, and recognized the government's commitment to support people living with disabilities.  

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The CIJA Team  

CIJA joins UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Toronto Holocaust Museum, which opens in June, in thanking the Government of Canada and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario for issuing a $500,000 grant from the Travel and Tourism Relief Fund to modernize and enhance the visitor experience through the development of new, interactive media and technology, including films and augmented reality tours.

We are grateful to the Honourable Filomena Tassi and MP Ya’ara Saks for their recognition of the immense value that the Museum will bring to Holocaust Education in Toronto and to the broader Canadian community.

Learn more about the Toronto Holocaust Museum Revitalization Project here.


“Targeting Jews or anyone for who they are, for how they identify is against the values of our society. Those who seek to foment or act on hate and antisemitism must face serious consequences." - CIJA Quebec Vice President Eta Yudin 

CIJA and Federation CJA are troubled following the appearance in court on Monday of the second of two defendants arrested in May 2021, and initially charged with willful promotion of hatred.

In the Montreal courtroom, the defendant pled guilty only to the charge of uttering threats. Observers were left to infer that the additional charge of willful promotion of hatred had been dropped in a plea deal, thereby eliminating the court’s opportunity to evaluate the defendant's actions through the lens of hate propaganda provisions of the Criminal Code. The judge will render sentencing this spring. 



CIJA joins Jewish Federations across Canada in celebrating and encouraging the progress of the Canada Disability Benefit Act. We know that, by supporting Canadians living with disabilities, our society becomes stronger.

A longstanding policy priority of Canada’s Jewish community, the legislation, which provides much needed improvements to disability benefits, is near the finish line, having passed in the House of Commons and is now before the Senate.

The Act is recognized as being so important that all political parties unanimously supported it. Every MP voted to pass it. Please join us in sending your Member of Parliament a note of thanks for adopting this much-needed legislation.  

Thank the Federal Government


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