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CIJA is the advocacy agent of Jewish Federations across Canada.  

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A Word From Our Chair – Words Matter

A Word From Our Chair – Words Matter

Like you, I was infuriated to learn that Independent Jewish Voices, a Canadian organization that presents itself as Jewish, would call for the “dismantlement” of Israel “by any means necessary.”...

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Report an Incident

When people or property are attacked because they are – or perceived to be – Jewish, it is a hate crime. If you’ve witnessed a hate crime or suspicious incident, contact your local police immediately. To report the incident to CIJA, which helps us measure and combat antisemitism, please use the link below.  

Report Online Hate

Have you been the victim or witnessed online hate? Report the incident to CIJA to help combat antisemitism in your community – and learn how you can report hateful messages to social media platforms. If you witnessed a hate crime or suspicious incident, please contact your local police immediately.