Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in peace, security, and dignity. 

Jewish Canadians are heartbroken to see the death and destruction on both sides. 

In the last week, Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have fired thousands of missiles at Israel. In so doing, they have committed double war-crimes. They use their own people as human shields and fire missiles from densely populated areas into densely populated areas with objective of shedding blood on both sides.  

This must stop. You can help.

Urge Canada to dispense with the moral equivalency between indiscriminate, murderous missile fire and domestic disputes within Israel that are being adjudicated by the courts. No grievance or dispute justifies the systematic targeting of civilians with deadly force.  Contributing to this moral equivalency emboldens terrorists and costs lives.  

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When buildings, schools, places of worship, cemeteries or individuals are targeted for attack because they are – or are perceived to be – Jewish, it is a hate crime. Other antisemitic acts, such as distribution of hateful material, may also be criminal.

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