Professional Staff

  • Profile picture for Shimon Koffler Fogel
    Shimon Koffler Fogel
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Profile picture for Sara Saber-Freedman
    Sara Saber-Freedman
    Executive Vice President
  • Profile picture for Emmanuelle Amar
    Emmanuelle Amar
    Director, Policy and Research (Quebec)
  • Profile picture for Nicole Amiel
    Nicole Amiel
    Director, Media Relations and GTA Communications
  • Profile picture for Myriam Azogui-Halbwax
    Myriam Azogui-Halbwax
    Missions Director Israel
  • Profile picture for Sheba Birhanu
    Sheba Birhanu
    Associate Director, Partnerships
  • Profile picture for Jess Burke
    Jess Burke
    Director, Community Training and Campus Advocacy
  • Profile picture for David Cooper
    David Cooper
    Vice President, Government Relations
  • Profile picture for Kate Dalgleish
    Kate Dalgleish
    Director, Public Affairs
  • Profile picture for David Friedland
    David Friedland
    Associate Director, Government Relations
  • Profile picture for Yannis Harrouche
    Yannis Harrouche
    Director, Government Relations (Quebec)
  • Profile picture for Richard Marceau
    Richard Marceau
    Vice President, External Affairs and General Counsel
  • Profile picture for Martin Sampson
    Martin Sampson
    Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Profile picture for Aaron Seres
    Aaron Seres
    Manager, GTA Stakeholder Relations
  • Profile picture for Noah Shack
    Noah Shack
    Vice President, GTA
  • Profile picture for Nico Slobinsky
    Nico Slobinsky
    Senior Director, Pacific Region
  • Profile picture for David Weinberg
    David Weinberg
    Director, Israel Office
  • Profile picture for Becca Wertman
    Becca Wertman
    Director of Research
  • Profile picture for Eta Yudin
    Eta Yudin
    Vice President, Quebec
  • Profile picture for Judy Zelikovitz
    Judy Zelikovitz
    Vice President, University and Local Partner Services

Our National Board

  • Gail Adelson-Marcovitz, Chair
  • Toby Abramsky
  • Joshua Ali
  • Michael Aronovici
  • Barbara Bank
  • Paul Bronfman
  • Geoffrey Druker
  • Howard Eisenberg
  • Rick Ekstein
  • Linda Frum
  • Steven Kroft
  • Jeff Kushner
  • Candace Kwinter
  • Michael Malowitz
  • Joanna Mirsky Wexler
  • Elan Pratzer
  • Martin Rosenthal
  • Karyn Saragossi Lassner
  • Steve Shafir
  • Ian Sherman
  • Jared Shore

Our Advisory Councils

National LGBTQ2+ Advisory Council

National LGBTQ2+ Advisory Council

Standing up for human rights and fighting discrimination is at the core of CIJA’s work. This is why CIJA works to support and build bridges with the LGBTQ2+ community, whether on Parliament Hill, at Pride festivals, or in communities across Canada.

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