The Abraham Accords: A Turning Point in the Legal World

The Abraham Accords:
A Turning Point in the Legal World

March 2, 2023, 9:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m. ET

Join us on March 2, 2023, for CIJA's sixth annual Legal Conference, presented jointly with Jewish Federations across Canada, where we will explore the implications of the Abraham Accords from a legal perspective.

This year, CIJA’s sixth Legal Task Force Conference will explore the aftermath of the Abraham Accords from a legal perspective and provide answers to the following questions and more: What are the key elements of negotiating bilateral agreements and navigating the different legal systems? How do lawyers from countries party to the Abraham Accords view them? How can law be used to enhance vs. harm ties between Israel and the Arab World? What should Canadian lawyers know about the new situation?


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This conference will be held in English only  

About the Event

The Abraham Accords have fundamentally changed the Middle East. Now, Israel has peace and normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco (in addition to pre-existing treaties with Egypt and Jordan). The ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia are slowly but surely expanding. And Israel has signed a treaty to delineate the maritime border with Lebanon. While the situation between Israel and the Palestinians remains fraught, we can no longer talk about the Arab Israeli conflict.

Legal Perspectives 2023

March 2, 2023


  • Includes 7 high-impact sessions about the Abraham Accords.
  • Continuing Professional Development credits have been requested from the Law Society of Alberta, the Law Society of BC, the Law Society of Ontario, and Barreau du Québec (5 Hours)
  • *Excluding taxes 
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Event Schedule

9:30am Opening of the conference by John Rosen, CIJA's Legal Task Force Chair
9:45am Welcome remarks/Opening statement by H.E. Dr. Ronen Hoffman, Israel's Ambassador in Canada
10:00am Keynote
10:30am Panel 1 - The Abraham Accords: A legal view from behind the scenes 

Dr. Tal Becker, the Legal Adviser, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Leading Drafter and Negotiator in Abraham Accords process), will give us the ins and outs of these historic agreements.
11:20am Break
11:30am Panel 2 - The Abraham Accords: An overview of the situation in the United Arab Emirates and what it means for lawyers

The United Arab Emirates are fairly unknown in Canada. What is the constitutional framework? What legal system are in place? How can Canadians lawyers navigate the legal, economic, and political environment? Trade? Commercial law?
12:30pm Panel 3 - The Abraham Accords: the birth of a new Middle East

A behind the scenes account of how the Abraham Accords came about.
2:00pm Panel 4 - The Abraham Accords: A Moroccan perspective on the new possibilities created by the recently signed agreements

Introduction by the Kingdom of Morocco’s Ambassador to Canada, Her Excellency Souriya Otmani on the new set of opportunities but also on the Jewish Community heritage.

Followed by a discussion of the new Israeli-Moroccan dynamics and multiple agreements. Topics such as Trade? Commercial law? The Israel and Morocco landmark Defense agreement?
3:00pm Panel 5 - The Abraham Accords: What they mean for Israeli Arabs in the legal sector

The Abraham Accords have advanced the integration of Arab Israelis in numerous ways. This panel will explore the role played by a number of Arab Israelis as a bridge or mediator to the countries of the Abraham Accords.

Another important aspect of the Abraham accords is that over the long term, Jewish Israelis who are experiencing a warm peace with Arab countries will have openness towards their fellow Arab citizens and on the other side, the Abraham Accords is that it has freed up the speech of some Arab-Israelis who can more "easily" speak out and make their contributions to the Arab-Jewish reconciliation in Israel.
3:45pm Break
4:00pm Panel 6 - The Abraham Accords: Has peace had an impact on the BDS movement from a human rights perspective?

Panelists will discuss how businesses & human rights movements are being hijacked by the BDS agenda and how to legally combat these issues.
5:00pm Panel 7- The Abraham Accords: What do they mean for Canadian lawyers?

This panel will explore the potential of the Abraham accords for Canadian lawyers in many practice areas: procurement, corporate law, immigration, etc.
5:45pm Closing: Canada’s opportunities in the New Middle East created by the Abraham Accords
6:15pm Conference Wrap Up

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