This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy, December 25, 2022

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|December 25, 2022
This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy


This week, we set a date for an important discussion about the current state of affairs in the Middle East, called on Western countries to do more to keep the international community safe from terrorism, and welcomed friends old and new at our annual Chanukah party in Vancouver! 

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The CIJA Team  

The Abraham Accords have fundamentally changed the Middle East. Israel now has peace and normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco (in addition to pre-existing treaties with Egypt and Jordan). The ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia are slowly but surely expanding, and Israel has signed a treaty to delineate the maritime border with Lebanon. While the situation between Israel and the Palestinians remains fraught, we can no longer talk about the “Arab-Israeli conflict.”

You are invited to attend CIJA’s sixth Legal Task Force Conference online on March 2, 2023, presented jointly with Jewish Federations from across Canada, to hear internationally renowned speakers discuss the latest developments in this true paradigm shift in the Middle East. Look for our invitation in your inbox in January! 

"It’s not too late for Canada and its allies to take the kind of robust measures that will make our world safer. But this means shutting down the terror trade coming from Moscow, Islamabad, and Tehran."

Becca Wertman-Traub, CIJA's Director of Research, and Shuvaloy Majumdar, Munk senior fellow and head of the Foreign Policy & National Security Program at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, explore the need to hold Russia, Pakistan, and Iran accountable for exporting terror.


"The toxic environment at U of T is, sadly, anything but an isolated event. Antisemitism is bubbling up from the sewer across Canada, and elsewhere. The bizarre screeds of Ye (formerly Kanye West) are just one high-profile example."

The Globe and Mail Editorial Board reflects on rising antisemitism in Canada and the importance of the IHRA definition of antisemitism in countering Jew-hatred.


CIJA is grateful to the hundreds of elected officials, dignitaries, and community members who joined us on the second night of Chanukah to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights and stand with the Jewish community at Dreidels & Drinks, co-hosted with CJPAC and the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.

Join CIJA and Jewish Federations across Canada as we host hundreds of representatives from Canadian Jewish communities and organizations at Democracy in Action in Ottawa on October 16-17, 2023, where we will explore challenges facing Canadian Jewry and ways, as a diverse yet united national community, we can address them.


December 18-26 | Chanukah
*CIJA offices closed December 26,27 & 30
October 16-17 | Democracy in Action 
March 2 | The Abraham Accords: A Turning Point in the Legal World

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The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is the advocacy agent of Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA, representing Jewish Federations across Canada.