Chanukah 2022

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|December 14, 2022

Chanukah is a Jewish holiday celebrating our victory in 168 BCE over King Antiochus and the Syrian-Greek army, who forbade Jews from studying the Torah or practicing any Jewish traditions. The Maccabees — an army of Jewish rebels — refused to assimilate into Greek culture and rose up, eventually defeating the army and taking back the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

But when they reclaimed the Holy Temple, they found it had been defiled with only enough ritually pure oil for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days! 

And that’s why Chanukah lasts for eight days. 

Check out the calendar below for a list of community events happening across Canada.

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Chag sameach! 

Chanukah Events 2022

Chanukah events across Canada.