This week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy | August 14, 2022

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|August 14, 2022
This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy

Last weekend, the IDF launched Operation Breaking Dawn, a series of pre-emptive precision strikes targeting leadership of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza, including Tayseer al-Jabari, commander of PIJ’s northern division, who, along with the two squads enroute to terrorist operations against Israel, was neutralized by aerial and drone strikes. Sadly, there are reports that a child was also killed in this operation.

PIJ, which has a long history of leading terrorist operations against Israeli civilian targets, is a Canadian-listed terrorist entity and serves as a proxy of the Ayatollah-led regime in Iran that funds, directs, and controls terrorist entities around the world.

The operation followed Israel’s arrest of Bassem Al-Saadi – a senior PIJ leader in the West Bank – and represented a pre-emptive response to an imminent threat of significant PIJ terrorist attacks, one of which, coincident with the IDF strikes, had already become “operational.” 

Over the course of four days and nights, PIJ launched more than 1,100 missiles toward Israel, 200 of which misfired, landed in Gaza, and endangered thousands of Palestinian civilians, killing 16.

In addition to ground personnel augmenting the IDF presence around Gaza and a special order sealing an 80-kilometre area, Iron Dome batteries in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva protected Israelis from the shelling.

A ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, was reached on Sunday and is still holding.

During the conflict, as part of its foundational respect for human life, the IDF imposed its standard practice of preventing unnecessary harm to innocent civilians by coordinating with Palestinian civilians to evacuate them from PIJ terror sites in Gaza before Israel strikes were launched. After the ceasefire, four Palestinian children wounded by PIJ missiles exploding in Gaza were transferred to Israel for treatment.

Throughout the conflict, CIJA reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend its civilians.

Media bias implies a false equivalence to both sides in this conflict whereas, as we noted, Israel uses precision strikes to target terror, while terrorist entities like PIJ target civilians indiscriminately.

In the latest edition of A Word from Our Chair, Gail Adelson-Marcovitz explores the dangers that media bias poses to the safety of the Jewish people.  

'I have realized, as a non-Jewish Canadian, why I had no idea what to expect when I came to Israel. I've read the Canadian and international reporting on these missiles, and I'm shocked at how different it is from the reality on the ground.'

Kate Dalgleish, CIJA's Director of Public Affairs, was on her first trip to Israel when the Palestinian Islamic Jihad missile attack began.

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The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was silent during the latest onslaught of missiles launched by Gaza-based terror groups targeting Israeli civilians.

Its biased Commission of Inquiry will undoubtedly negate these war crimes too. The antisemitic remarks made by a member of the Commission last month are yet another example of the UNHRC showing its true colours and abandoning the moral foundations upon which it was established.

Gail Adelson-Marcovitz, CIJA's National Chair, explores why this is a danger for all who care about human rights.

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CIJA was deeply saddened by the loss of Clayton Ruby

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