Launch a national strategy to tackle online hate and radicalization


As seen in attacks on Jewish communities in Pittsburgh, San Diego County, Jersey City, and Monsey, as well as on mosques in Christchurch and elsewhere, online threats can – and often do – lead to real-world violence.

In 2019, after CIJA mobilized thousands of Canadians to speak out on the issue, the House of Commons Justice Committee conducted a study of online hate. Its report included a series of recommendations in line with CIJA’s proposals – including a robust plan to track online hate, prevent online hate through education, and make better use of legal tools to stop online hate.

Launching a national, social literacy campaign to sensitize Canadians to the potent role social media plays in bullying, harassment, intimidation, dissemination of hate, and threats.

Establishing strong and clear regulations for online platforms, and Internet service providers for monitoring and transparently addressing incidents of hate on their platforms. These regulations would make it easier for users to flag incidents of hate and should mandate that providers include appropriate definitions of hate, including the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

Complementing the social media literacy campaign with legislation governing the responsibilities of social media platforms to monitor hate on their sites and pursue both preventative and corrective actions to ensure platforms are safe and not exploited as instruments of hate.

Increasing resources for law enforcement, Crown Attorneys, and judges to ensure they receive sufficient training on how to apply existing laws to effectively address online hate.

Directing Statistics Canada to address the gap in data collection by allocating resources to create a national database of hate crimes where individuals can report online hate incidents.

Join us in calling on the government to establish a national strategy to tackle online hate and radicalization.

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