B.C. Government Announces Anti-Hate Security Funding for Jewish Community

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|April 17, 2024

Vancouver, B.C. – April 17, 2024 – Today, the British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General announced the allocation of $200,000 to the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver through the provincial government’s Anti-Hate Community Support Fund. The grant program was created in November 2023 to provide financial support to places of worship, cultural community centres, and other at-risk groups that have experienced or are at risk of experiencing hate-motivated crimes.

The funds provided to the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver will be distributed to organizations for security measures to prevent hate-based violence in response to an increased number of incidents affecting Jewish organizations. The Federation will administer security-related grants to local Jewish community organizations to help cover expenses for enhanced security measures, including the cost of security personnel, alarms and monitoring systems, and protective barriers.


Jason Murray, Chair, Community Security Advisory Committee, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver:

“The rise in antisemitism has had real costs to our community in the form of hiring security personnel and enhancing our buildings. Prior to the October 7 terrorist attacks committed by Hamas, our institutions spent $7,000 per month on security. In the months after the attacks, these costs ballooned to more than $100,000—an increase of 1,300 percent. This announcement will provide relief to the organizations who provide services to the children, seniors, families, and most vulnerable in our community.”

Nico Slobinsky, Vice President – Pacific Region, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs:

“On March 8, our community had a candid conversation with Premier David Eby about how our members feel unsafe in their schools, on campuses, their places of work, and when gathering at our community institutions. While law enforcement agencies, including the municipal police departments and the RCMP, have stepped up, we have had to shoulder much of the cost of security ourselves. Today’s announcement is the first step from the provincial government in rebuilding its relationship with B.C.’s Jewish community. The government must also take immediate action to address and combat the anti-Jewish racism in K-12 education, post-secondary institutions, and the BC Public Service.”

The Hon. Mike Farnworth, B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General:

“The devastating attacks of October 7 and the taking of hostages had a horrific impact on the Jewish community in B.C. What came after was hate and antisemitism targeting Jewish organizations. We stand firmly against that hate and with the Jewish community.

"We have taken early steps to address rising antisemitism. such as mandatory Holocaust education and a new BC prosecution service hate crime policy, which includes the willful promotion of antisemitism. This funding builds on these early actions and will help Jewish organizations with the costs of security and repairing damages caused by hate-fueled actions.

"Our government staunchly opposes those seeking to create divisions in our communities and stands firm in our commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone in our province.”


Additional Background

  • Anti-Hate Community Support Fund - Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)
    • Anti-Hate Community Support Fund grants have been awarded to 36 organizations, totalling $502,785. This funding is made available through Civil Forfeiture, which works to remove profits from unlawful activity and redirects it back to support communities and victims of crime.
  • B.C. Hate Crime Data
    • Press Release: Israel-Hamas war fuels increase in hate crimes, protests in 2023
      • Reports of antisemitism increased 62% in 2023, compared to 2022 when there were 29 incidents reported.
      • Of the 47 antisemitic hate incidents reported to VPD in 2023, 33 occurred after October 7.
      • In total, Vancouver Police have investigated 50 criminal offences connected to the Israel-Hamas war, including assaults against police officers and cases of obstructing police. Suspects have been identified in 26 of the 50 incidents.
      • To date, VPD has recommended criminal charges in 17 cases, resulting in nine people being charged in connection with 11 different incidents. Six cases are currently being reviewed by Crown counsel.
      • There were 1,018 protests in Vancouver in 2023, resulting in a 27% increase in officers being deployed and more than $4 million in overtime costs.
      • Eighty of the 1,018 protests in Vancouver last year occurred after October 7 and have been linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict. These 80 protests alone have resulted in 1,800 overtime shifts at a cost of $2.5 million.
        NOTE: Currently, the Vancouver Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in the province that publicly discloses antisemitic hate crime data.
  • National Antisemitic Hate Crime Data (2022 statistics are the most recent currently available)
  • Research Co.: Most British Columbians Worried About Protests and Antisemitism
    • More than two-thirds of British Columbians are concerned about aggressive behaviour by protestors at pro-Palestine rallies (70%) and antisemitism, or rising prejudice against Jewish Canadians (69%).
    • More than seven-in-ten British Columbians (72%) are also worried about protestors targeting Jewish neighbourhoods and Jewish-owned businesses in Canada.
    • Rising antisemitism in Canada is a concern for residents of Vancouver Island (77%), the Fraser Valley (74%), Southern BC (71%), Northern BC (70%), and Metro Vancouver (65%).

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