Report by Antisemitism Advisor at U of T Reveals Pernicious Jew-hate

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|December 08, 2022



CIJA: Report Underscores Urgency of Including Antisemitism in EDI Conversations at Educational Institutions across Canada

Toronto, ON – December 8, 2022 – On December 5, the Canadian Medical Education Journal published the report by Dr. Ayelet Kuper, Senior Advisor on Antisemitism for the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine (TOFM), Reflections on addressing anti-Semitism in a Canadian faculty of medicine. In it, she details her shocking experiences with antisemitism as well as those faced by learners, staff, and faculty members between June 2021 and June 2022.

In response, Noah Shack, Vice President – GTA, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, released the following statement:

“Dr. Kuper’s experiences with antisemitism are not unique, but they are deeply disturbing. The pernicious tropes, discrimination, victim-blaming, and hateful attitudes about Jews that Dr. Kuper details confirm the serious concerns that prompted the TFOM to establish the role of Senior Advisor on Antisemitism in 2021. We look forward to learning what action the faculty will be taking to address this distressing situation. In September, the dean of the TFOM formally apologized for its quotas on Jewish medical school applicants in the 1940s and ‘50s. While recognition of past failures is important, urgent action to support Jewish faculty, staff, and students is essential today.

“Dr. Kuper’s account reflects a challenge that goes beyond a single faculty at a Canadian university. Antisemitism is having a profound and insidious impact at educational institutions and other organizations across the country and around the world. As Dr. Kuper astutely notes, antisemitism and anti-Zionism are growing social justice issues that must be included in equity, diversity, and inclusion dialogues; and representative Jewish voices must be allowed to participate and frame these conversations.”


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