This week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy | March 17, 2024

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|March 17, 2024
This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy

This week, we’re still working hard to ensure the NDP motion that would challenge Canada’s longstanding support for Israel gets defeated, we celebrated our VP’s well received rationale for why he was, is, and always will be, a Zionist, and we continue the fight to legislate against online harms.

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As you are aware, tomorrow (Monday, March 18) the NDP will bring forward a motion that will call for immediate recognition of a Palestinian State, without any negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and without removing Hamas from power in Gaza. It also calls for the federal government to reinstate taxpayer funding to UNRWA, despite claims that it would not do so until the investigation into UNRWA employees who participated in the October 7 massacre is over.

But there’s an even bigger problem with the NDP’s motion: it's already finding support.

The federal government has announced that, despite Israel’s evidence and despite not having a final report from the UN’s internal investigation, they will be reinstating funding to UNRWA, and they have paused non-lethal military exports.

We know MPs are currently being swamped by disinformation from professional anti-Israel protestors and extremists. So we need you to help us push back.

The Liberal votes in Parliament can make or break the motion. We need you to help convince more Liberal MPs to vote against this motion.

We need your help to ensure that Canadian foreign policy remains values-based and consistent.

Our community must be heard, and we are calling on you to help. If you haven’t already taken action to write to MPs, click here.

Over the past several years, CIJA has worked intensively with the federal government to introduce legislation to combat online harms. Our goal has been to ensure the legislation both addresses the hateful rhetoric, harassment, and intimidation Jewish and other vulnerable communities face online and targets those who use the internet to prey on and radicalize individuals for terror – all while protecting freedom of expression. All our positioning throughout the years has been to strike the right balance between combating hate and protecting freedom of expression, a delicate exercise to be sure.

On February 26, the Online Harms Act was tabled. As one of the leaders in the debate over online hate and an important stakeholder in this issue, CIJA staff were invited to Parliament Hill to participate in the Minister’s press conference introducing the bill. Some of CIJA’s work is directly reflected in the content and language of the legislation.

However, no legislation is perfect, and we know there are questions and criticisms from our community that, when we get to that stage, will be raised during our appearance in front of the House of Commons Justice Committee.

We will continue to work hard to get this legislation amended properly and over the finish line. Learn more about Bill C-63 here.

A powerful and personal reflection from CIJA VP Richard Marceau today in The Times of Israel. Read it here.


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