This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy, March 10, 2024

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|March 10, 2024
This Week in Canadian Jewish Advocacy


Traditionally, this newsletter highlights the advocacy work that CIJA undertook throughout the week; today, however, we must focus on a key issue that requires your attention and, more importantly, your action. 

On March 18, the NDP will bring a motion in the House of Commons that threatens Canada’s values, foreign policy, and support of Israel, while giving Hamas what it wants – recognition and support following its murderous attack on Israel on October 7. 


And the reasons for that are simple.  

The motion calls for: 

  • The immediate and unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State by Canada. 

There are many reasons why that can't happen, but the big ones are: 

  • It foregoes the necessary bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and will leave critical issues unresolved, including borders, and the status of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees. 
  • Since the Montevideo Convention of 1933, international law has traditionally required that four criteria be satisfied before the recognition of an entity as an independent sovereign state can be considered – a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to conduct international relations. Three of these are missing for Palestinians.  

The motion also problematically calls for: 

  • The reinstatement of funding to UNRWA. 

The reasons are obvious why that can't happen: 

  • UNRWA employees actively collaborated with Hamas in the October 7 attacks. 
  • UNRWA is part of the problem, not part of the solution. 

Finally, the motion wants: 

  • An arms embargo on Israel. 

There’s one simple reaction to that: 

  • Canada’s only democratic ally in the Middle East is fighting a defensive war against a terrorist organization that has sworn to destroy the Jewish state - they cannot be left defenseless. This would be akin to enacting an arms embargo against Ukraine as it battles Russia’s invasion. 

BUT, MOST CRITICAL IN ALL OF THIS: The motion would mean de facto unilateral recognition of Hamas, a Canadian-listed terrorist organization, as the government of Gaza. 

To end the suffering in this conflict, Hamas – as the Canadian government has reiterated several times – must liberate the hostages, lay down its arms, and play no future role in governing Gaza. Hamas has said time and again they have no intention to do so, rejecting multiple negotiated offers for a ceasefire between the parties and to provide additional assistance to Palestinians. 

Unilateral measures that disregard the legitimate interests of others have never brought peace and stability. They will not bring peace and stability now, not for Israel and not for the Palestinians.  


Ask your Member of Parliament to vote “NO” to rewarding Hamas and changing Canada’s longstanding foreign policy.


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