Israel is at war

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|October 07, 2023

Today, Israel suffered an unprecedented attack by Iran-backed Hamas. Hamas launched a proactive and provocative multi-pronged terror attack, including extensive rocket strikes and infiltrations of hundreds of terrorists into Israel. There are reports of at least 300 Israelis dead with more than 1,400 injured. It’s a heart wrenching and still developing situation, one that has preoccupied our entire day here at CIJA.

First, we encourage you to follow our updates on social media – it's the fastest way for you to stay aware of all the developments. We’ve also engaged the political sector across Canada, activating our allies to stand with Israel in this horrific act. We’ve listed a few of the more notable ones below for your awareness.

We’re monitoring updates from international counterparts and from the government in Israel and will continue to share those with you. There’s also a statement coming shortly from the J7, The Large Communities’ Task Force Against Antisemitism made up of major Jewish organizations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Argentina, and Australia. CIJA is the Canadian representative on the J7.

There’s been outreach done to law enforcement in Canada, and we’ve been assured that they’re monitoring the situation in Israel and their impact on local communities, including planned rallies and protests. Law enforcement is in contact with Jewish institutions within their respective jurisdictions to determine what other security needs might be required, including extra patrols, more check-ins, or other related support they can provide.

CIJA staff have also been engaged with Canadian media to ensure the Canadian Jewish community’s perspective and concerns are included in their coverage of this attack. You can watch and read those interviews on almost any of your preferred news sources.

Please be sure to remind those with friends and relatives in Israel to register with the Canadian Embassy.

There will be important unity rallies to show our support of Israel held across Canada and as we get more information, we’ll share that with you, but we encourage you to show up and express your support. Confirmed: UJA Federation is organizing a rally this Monday, October 9, at 7 p.m. at Mel Lastman Square (North York – Toronto).

Between seeking and sharing updates, and our work engaging important political sectors at a time when Israel needs the support and understanding of its friends in Canada and around the world, let us be abundantly clear – this was an unprovoked, unprecedented attack by terrorists bent on killing and torturing innocent Israeli civilians and bringing about the destruction of Israel. Terrorists took control of Israeli towns. There are Israeli civilians that have been kidnapped and forced into Gaza. There’s been indiscriminate killings of Israelis. This is sickening, it’s horrific, and it’s nothing short of frightening.

Now, more than ever, we all must stand in solidarity with the people of Israel. Please keep the family and friends of the missing, wounded and murdered in your thoughts. May their memory be for a blessing.

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