CIJA Stands With Ukraine

Feb 25, 2022 | Press Release: Jewish Life, Publications

Toronto, ON – CIJA stands with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the people of Ukraine in opposing Vladimir Putin’s military aggression and violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.  

We are in touch with our colleagues at the World Jewish Congress who are monitoring conditions in Ukraine closely. They have indicated that, while the situation remains precarious for Ukrainians, there is no a specific Jewish dimension to the conflict and no distinct threat to the Jewish community of Ukraine – beyond the threat to all Ukrainians from the invasion.

The WJC is coordinating with its affiliates in the region – including in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Moldova – to determine how the Jewish communities in those countries can best serve the anticipated flow of Jewish refugees across their borders. 

Jewish Ukrainians have a well-developed network and are in regular contact with senior leaders in Israel, including Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, who stand ready to assist any of the approximately 200,000 Jewish Ukrainians who, should the situation demand it, would like to relocate to Israel. 

According to reports, over the last two days, the Jewish Agency has received many requests from Jews who wish to leave Ukraine. Jewish Federations across Canada have launched fundraising appeals to help Jewish Ukrainians. We encourage those who would like to support the effort to contact their local Federations. You can also donate to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ Help Ukraine Now fundraising campaign.” 

To donate:

Contact your local federation  https://www.jewishcanada.org/home/partners
Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ Help Ukraine now  https://www.cufoundation.ca/

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