What does CIJA do?

CIJA undertakes targeted advocacy initiatives and educational activities including:

  • Government Relations. CIJA works closely with federal, provincial, and municipal decision-makers. We provide expert resources and advice to educate policymakers on the organized Jewish community’s position on public policy issues.
  • Media Relations. CIJA builds relationships with reporters, editors, producers, and publishers to ensure our community’s position is reflected in Canadian media. We also provide background information and expert resources to help media understand and cover fairly and effectively a wide range of complex subjects.
  • Jewish Community Relations. CIJA provides resources and direct support to our Federation partners and other Jewish communal bodies to assist with local advocacy challenges.
  • Other Faith and Ethnic Community Relations. CIJA works closely with leaders in other faith and ethnic communities supporting them in times of crisis and adding their voices to ours to advocate on issues of common interest.
  • Leaders in Civil Society. CIJA works closely with Canadian leaders and influencers, including with government agencies, such as, among others, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and their provincial counterparts.
  • On Campus. CIJA works in partnership with Hillels across Canada supporting advocacy programs that train, inform, and empower students. We maintain collaborative relationships with senior university administrators; support faculty facing challenges related to their Jewish identity; host campus leaders on intensive fact-finding missions to Israel; and build meaningful collaborations between Canadian and Israeli researchers.
  • Missions. CIJA hosts intensive fact-finding missions to Israel that enable Canadian leaders to understand first-hand the democratic values shared by Canadians and Israelis and the challenges facing the people of Israel.
  • Partnerships. CIJA partners with other minority groups in Canada, working on issues of common cause with the Black, Muslim, and Sikh communities, and with Christian and other faith groups, as well as with Indigenous Nations.
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