Online Hate & Antisemitism

עֲבָדִים הָיִינוּ (Avadim Hayinu)

We were once slaves in Egypt and, now that we are free, we must address oppression wherever it manifests and do what is necessary to ensure Canada remains one of the best countries in the world in which to be Jewish.

What can Canadians do to combat hatred of Jews online 

We can:

  • Equip ourselves with the critical skills needed to report online hate, including antisemitism, whenever we see it. Report comments to social media platforms and share pernicious examples with authorities and Jewish organizations so they can take appropriate action.
  • Support policies from governments and social media providers that reduce antisemitism online, which, like all hate, is a danger to all Canadians.
  • Urge our Members of Parliament to support the Online Harms Bill C-63 in the House of Commons to combat antisemitism, online hate, and terrorism content, to ensure its passage into law to help keep Canada’s Jews safe.