Never Again means Never Forget.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Thursday January 27, 2022


To honour the memory of the six million Jewish children, women, and men murdered by the Nazis, the United Nations designated January 27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day. So we can collectively mark this important occasion, the World Jewish Congress launched the We Remember campaign. Join millions around the world and photograph yourself holding a sign that says #WeRemember and post it social media. Many of the images will be projected on a screen at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Ready to get involved? Here’s how!

Step 2

Take a photo holding the sign

Step 3

Upload it to social media


    • #WeRemember the past to build a better tomorrow. @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, #WeRemember the survivors and the 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • Together, #WeRemember the #Holocaust to ensure that #NeverAgain truly means Never Again. @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • Souvenons-nous du passé pour bâtir un avenir meilleur. #NousNousSouvenons @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • En cette Journée internationale dédiée à la mémoire des victimes de l’Holocauste, #Souvenons-nous des survivants et des 6 millions de Juif/ves assassinés par les nazis. #NousNousSouvenons @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • Ensemble, Souvenons-nous de l’#Holocauste pour faire en sorte que #PlusJamais signifie vraiment Plus jamais. #NousNousSouvenons @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD
    • On January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, dozens of monuments across the country will be lit in yellow to honour the six million men, women, and children who were victims of the Shoah. Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world in honouring their memory by participating in the World Jewish Congress’ #WeRemember social media campaign. Together, let us renew our collective vow: Never Again.
  • Link to: https://www.cija.ca/we-remember/?utm_source=ig&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=website

    The 27th of January is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the date on which the Auschwitz camp was liberated in 1945, and a day of commemoration for the victims of the Holocaust, or Shoah, in countless places around the world.Please join us to make sure that the #Holocaust is never forgotten by supporting the World Jewish Congress’ We Remember campaign on social media. It will culminate in the projection of photos from around the world on the Auschwitz-Birkenau site, which will be live-streamed via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    It’s easy and will take just 5 minutes of your time! Here’s how you do it!

    1 – Print out the #WeRemember sign from the link in bio or download to your device.
    2 – Ask someone so take a photo of you holding the sign or your device with the sign showing prominently.
    3 – Post it to social media between January 20 to 27 tagging @cijainfo and @worldjewishcongress using the hashtag #weremember. with your own message or use one of the suggested social media posts from CIJA’s We Remember page at the link in bio, where you will find more information about the World Jewish Congress’ #WeRemember campaign.

    Together, let us renew our collective vow: #NeverAgain.

Illuminating Important Landmarks across Canada


Animated GIF os landmarks across Canada

In Canada, as part of the #WeRemember campaign, monuments and public buildings, such as the National Holocaust Monument, BC Place, the CN Tower, and Niagara Falls, will be bathed in yellow light to remember the six million Jewish souls lost during the Holocaust (Shoah). Together, let us pause and renew our collective vow: Never Again.


  • Alberta

    Calgary, Calgary Public Library
    Calgary, Calgary Tower

    British Columbia

    Coquitlam, Lafarge Lake Fountain
    Delta, City Hall
    New Westminster, City Hall
    North Vancouver, City Hall
    Port Moody, City Hall
    Vancouver, Vancouver City Hall
    Vancouver, BC Place
    Vancouver, Bloedel Conservatory
    Vancouver, Burrard Street Bridge
    Vancouver, Canada Place (Sails of Light)
    Vancouver, Convention Centre (including Olympic Cauldron)
    Vancouver, Science World
    Vancouver, Vancouver Lookout
    Victoria, BC Legislature


    Winnipeg, Manitoba Legislature
    Winnipeg, Winnipeg Sign at The Forks

    New Brunswick

    St. John, City Hall



    Brampton, City Hall Clock Tower
    Burlington, Brant Street Pier
    Hamilton, Hamilton Sign
    Mississauga, Civil Centre
    Newmarket, Riverwalk Commons & Fred A. Lundy Bridge
    Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls
    Ottawa, Holocaust Memorial- National Capital Commission (NCC)
    Ottawa, Tabaret Hall – University of Ottawa
    Ottawa, National Gallery of Canada
    Ottawa, Canal Building – Carleton University
    Toronto, CN Tower
    Toronto, CN Tower
    Vaughan, City Hall


    Montreal, Montreal Tower
    Montreal, Samuel de Champlain Bridge

Other ways you can commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Light a candle in remembrance
  • Hold a virtual event (or in person as permitted with social distancing)
  • Visit a local Holocaust memorial or museum virtually
  • Educate yourself about the facts at aboutholocaust.org
  • Share a survivor’s story click here