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CIJA works closely with our partners at the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (The Network) to advocate for non-profit social services. These non-profits provide assistance to both Jewish and non-Jewish Canadians, including people with both cognitive and physical disabilities, older adults, those facing mental health, substance abuse, housing challenges, and refugees fleeing persecution.   

Canada’s social service providers are in crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic increased demand on services across the board, and while many non-profits were able to access emergency federal funding in the early months of the pandemic, this funding has been exhausted. However, demand for services has not slowed.   

Canada’s non-profits are struggling to hire, train, and retain the staff needed to function. For example, according to the Ontario Nonprofit Network, programs providing childcare, family counselling, and support for those facing homelessness have had to cut back hours and availability.  

Statistics Canada’s results of the Canadian Survey of Business Conditions report that 32% of non-profit sector employers believe retaining skilled staff will be an obstacle over the next the coming period, while 36% are concerned about recruiting skilled staff. Average salaries in community non-profits are already 35% lower than the economy-wide average in Canada.  

Current grant options, both on the federal and provincial levels, are limited in scope and availability, and are usually focused on programming.


Establish a Non-Profit Strategy that will provide the multi-year support needed to stabilize the non-profit sector. 

Introduce emergency funding for non-profit social services to address short-term urgent capacity needs. 

Amend exemptions from capital gains tax under the Income Tax Act to encourage the donation of real estate or private corporation shares to registered non-profits. 

Join us in calling on the government to support not-for-profit social services.

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