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  • Never again is now. Join me in building a better tomorrow for the Jewish people by showing the world that #WeRemember the horrors of the Holocaust, its victims, and the brave Survivors in Israel and around the world. Download a #WeRemember sign at @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD

  • For #IHRD, join me in showing the world that #WeRemember the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and the brave Survivors who, in Israel and around the world, rebuilt their lives after the horrors of the #Holocaust. Download a #WeRemember sign at  @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo

  • To ensure that #NeverAgain truly means Never Again, join me in showing that #WeRemember the 6 million victims of the #Holocaust at the hands of Nazis and their collaborators. Download a #WeRemember sign at @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo #IHRD

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