Person holding "Racism is a Virus" sign

Renewing Ontario’s Anti-Racism Strategy

Racism, hate, and discrimination are a significant concern in Ontario, targeting diverse communities in our province. Alongside other affected groups, this has a damaging impact on the Jewish community.

Anti-Jewish racism is a growing problem in the workplace, at school, at universities, in the arts, and other public spaces across Ontario.

It is vital that antisemitism be meaningfully included in future Anti-Racism Directorate initiatives to build a more inclusive Ontario for all.

In particular, the renewal of Ontario’s Anti-Racism Strategy should reflect the current impact of antisemitism and the lived experience of Jews in the province. The inclusion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism as a guiding resource is vital to this effort, as it has been, since 2019, for the Federal government’s national Anti-Racism Strategy.

Question For The Candidates

Will your party commit to including the current lived experience of Jewish Ontarians with antisemitism, along with the IHRA definition of antisemitism as a guide, in a renewed provincial anti-racism strategy?