Conversation with the Federation of Black Canadians

Anti-Black racism is present everywhere, including in Canada. We stand with our friends in the Black community. We are listening. We are hearing. We are learning.

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|June 08, 2020

On June 17th we hosted a webinar featuring representatives from the Federation of Black Canadians, which provided another opportunity for us to learn from our neighbours.

Part 1

Take a moment to listen to Reverend Anthony Bailey, Pastor at Ottawa’s Parkdale United Church, speaking to the Jewish community, reflecting on his experiences.


Part 2

We hear from Rivka Campbell, a member of Toronto’s Jewish community. Listen to Rivka as she shares her experiences as a Black Jewish woman, and offers a powerful message for the Jewish community.


Part 3

Aujourd’hui avons l’honneur d’entendre notre ami et leader de la communauté noire francophone de l’Ontario, Jean-Marie Vianney.


Today we have the honour of hearing from our friend Jean-Marie Vianney, a leader in the Black-Francophone community in Ottawa.


Part 4

Listen to this direct and powerful message from Martine St-Victor, Founder of Milagro Public Relations Atelier. We hear you, Martine.


Part 5

Today we listen to Cherie Douglas. Cherie is an active member of the Ottawa Jewish community. As a Jew of colour, she works tirelessly to bring the Black and Jewish communities together; to build bridges, strengthen relationships, and work together to fight antisemitism and racism. The floor is yours, Cherie.

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