Issues of Interest:

Judicial Reform

The following four articles provide points, counterpoints, and analysis of the varying opinions surrounding the need for judicial reform in Israel. They are meant to be read in order as they appear below. The first is an essay on the need for reform to the Israeli judiciary. The second is a response to it and the author's opposition to the proposals before the Knesset. The third takes a look at the bigger picture. The final is the author's response to those counter-articles.

  1. Israel's Judicial Reckoning

  2. Israel's Other Tyranny of the Minority

  3. The Dangers Lurking in Israel's Judicial Counterrevolution

  4. The Need for Judicial Reform Isn't Going Away


Regional strategic matters

The list of articles below presents several viewpoints on issues of importance regarding the regions surrounding Israel, from Iran to the Palestinian Authority, its relationship with Gulf states, and the Abraham Accords.

  1. How China is heralding the beginnings of a multipolar Middle East

  2. Behind China’s Mideastern Diplomacy

  3. The Saudi-Iran deal reflects a new global reality

  4. Chinese-Brokered Deal Upends Mideast Diplomacy and Challenges U.S.

  5. Israel and Biden Shouldn't Panic Over Iran-Saudi Deal 

  6. Blame Biden for Iran’s diplomatic triumph

  7. Israel's challenge: Preserving the Abraham Accords as US lowers regional profile

  8. As Saudis sidle up to Iran, some see US apathy, Israeli political chaos to blame

  9. Strength of Israel’s ties to Gulf states will impact Saudi receptiveness

  10. Study suggests US aid seen by Palestinians as 'opportunity to promote terrorism'


Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Articles around the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, and perspectives on how Israel responds.

  1. The Truth Behind the Palestinian ‘Catastrophe'

  2. Israel faces balancing act in deterrence

  3. ‘Hundreds of Israeli lives saved by Operation Break the Wave’

  4. Israel's Targeted Counter-Terror Raids Contrasted by Wanton Palestinian Attacks

  5. Israel can't stop Palestinian terrorism by giving them more land - opinion



Viewpoints on how Israel and the rest of the world deals with the Iranian regime, and what it means to the security of Israel.

  1. The System Is Blinking Red over Iran

  2. It's Time to Get Tough on Iran. Really Tough.

  3. Assessing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program 

  4. Strategy for a New Comprehensive U.S. Policy on Iran