What does CIJA believe?

CIJA Believes:

  • Human rights are worth fighting for.
  • The Jewish community contributes significantly to Canada’s continued success.
  • Fighting antisemitism and bigotry in all its forms is critical to a healthy society.
  • Antisemitism is destructive to Jews and non-Jews alike and, it must be addressed for the benefit of all Canadians.
  • Canadian thought-leaders, and policymakers serve all Canadians when they factor the Canadian Jewish perspective into Canadian policies and laws.
  • Jewish Canadians have an important role to play in Canadian society.
  • Jewish Canadians have an important role to play in Canadian. Jewish. Advocacy.
  • A strong Canada-Israel relationship benefits Canadians and Israelis alike.
  • Jewish and pro-Israel students should have a welcoming and enriching educational experience on university and college campuses, free from harassment and discrimination.
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