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Shared Values.

Shared Opportunities.

In the face of the pandemic, Ontarians from all walks of life rose to the occasion. We showed determination, innovation, and cooperation to solve the challenges before us. Ontario’s future is bright, but many challenges remain.

Jewish Ontarians are proud of the friendly relationship our province has with Israel, most recently the close collaboration on crucial initiatives such as vaccine rollout during the pandemic. This is a strong foundation upon which we should continue to build.

The last Government of Ontario business mission to Israel resulted in nearly $100 million in agreements, generating hundreds of new jobs in Ontario.

There are countless research and business partnerships between Ontario and Israel that benefit both Ontarians and Israelis alike and that can help solve many of our province’s challenges.

Whether growing the economy and creating more high-quality jobs for Ontarians, helping to fight climate change, or providing access to clean drinking water everywhere in our province, Ontario-Israel cooperation on innovation and technology can provide enormous benefit to our province. There is tremendous opportunity for growth.

Question For The Candidates

Will your party provide support for safety and security at community institutions such as houses of worship, community centres, schools, childcare facilities, and summer camps?