Person with a walker

Safeguarding Culturally Appropriate Long-Term Care

Jewish Ontarians have worked tirelessly to make Ontario a great province in which to live and grow old. They deserve to age in dignity within their communities.

Ethnocultural long-term care homes, like Hillel Lodge in Ottawa, are key parts of Ontario’s long-term care system and provide seniors with culturally appropriate care.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed several systemic challenges facing long-term care in our province, including the sustainability of culturally appropriate care.

Many seniors have been placed into facilities that are mismatched to their cultural, religious, and dietary needs. Facilities addressing the needs of specific groups have been hollowed out, leaving long waitlists of people unable to access the culturally appropriate care they need.
Prioritizing the matching of clients to culturally appropriate long-term care spaces, even in times of crisis, will ensure the system operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, with seniors receiving the support and care they need to live in dignity.

Question For The Candidates

Will your party safeguard the sustainability and accessibility of culturally appropriate long–term care and ensure admissions policies more effectively prioritize culturally appropriate care?