Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Your gift provides critical care and supplies to the world's most vulnerable Jews.

The JDC has been the leading global Jewish humanitarian organization for over a century.

Elder care is a cornerstone of their work. The JDC ensures that thousands of impoverished and elderly Jews around the world never need to choose between food and medicine and that they know they are a cherished part of our community.

In the former Soviet Union, JDC provides life-saving aid to 80,000 vulnerable and elderly Jews, many of them Holocaust Survivors without family or government support who struggle to survive on pensions as low as $2 per day. JDC provides the priceless hallmarks of community life — traditions and companionship — that allow them to live with dignity, joy, and hope.

In the wake of COVID-19, JDC also worked with Jewish communities from Latin America to North Africa to support thousands of new Jewish poor harmed by the pandemic.