Myth: BDS is a peaceful movement

FACT: BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns do nothing to promote peace, and they harm efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians closer together.


Attempts to isolate Israel diplomatically or economically are counterproductive and often serve as thinly veiled attacks on Israel's legitimacy. BDS campaigns single out Israel for discriminatory treatment, apply double standards, and ignore the fact that, among Israel’s neighbours, are several oppressive regimes that fall well short of the democratic standards upheld by the Jewish State.  

The BDS movement unfairly demonizes Israel as the sole perpetrator of the conflict, creating a one-sided narrative that removes all responsibility from the other parties and rejects both nuance and important facts, including that Arab Israeli citizens enjoy the same rights and freedoms as any other citizens of the country and hold important positions in the judiciary, academia, military, financial, and other major institutions. Foundational to the BDS movement is the aim to end the Jewish people’s right to self-determination. 

The movement encourages antisemitism as it seeks to exclude Jews, and only Jews, from the global academic community and to create a hostile environment for Jews around the world.  

BDS campaigns also adversely affect Palestinians, whose jobs and livelihoods are put at risk by discriminatory boycotts of Israeli goods and services. These economic losses further isolate Palestinians and discourage peaceful coexistence.  

BDS campaigns end civil discourse and dialogue about the conflict, which is essential to reaching a peaceful solution, and disproportionately place responsibility for the conflict upon Israel – all while harming the very people whom it claims to uphold.