About CIJA

Our Mission

CIJA’s mission is to protect the quality of Jewish life in Canada through advocacy.  

Our Vision 

Canada will remain one of the best countries in the world in which to be Jewish

CIJA All Staff Team 2022

Who We Are

We are the advocacy agent of Jewish Federations across Canada. CIJA represents the diverse perspectives and concerns of more than 150,000 Jewish Canadians affiliated with their local Jewish Federation.

As the Canadian affiliate of the World Jewish Congress, representative to the Claims Conference, and to the World Jewish Restitution Organization, CIJA is also connected to the organized Jewish community internationally.

What We Do

Working in partnership with Jewish Federations and unfederated Jewish communities, CIJA identifies issues important to Canadian Jewry. CIJA then designs and implements strategies to ensure that leaders in government, media, civil society, business, and academia understand our community’s perspective and that it is considered in the public policy discussion in Canada.  

Parliament of Canada

Fighting For Issues That Matter

Federal Issues Guide

Combating Antisemitism and Hate

CIJA is leading the fight against antisemitism by advancing policy proposals that protect Canada’s Jewish community from coast to coast and strengthens our government’s ability to combat hate.

Federal Issues Guide

Strengthening the Canada-Israel Relationship

CIJA educates Canadians about the central role Israel plays in Jewish life and identity. We monitor issues that affect the Canada-Israel relationship, a friendship that benefits both Canadians and Israelis. 

Federal Issues Guide

Social Policies that Protect Jewish Life in Canada

CIJA works with Jewish service delivery agencies and other minority communities to advance social policies aligned with Jewish values that benefit all Canadians. 

For more information on the issues CIJA works on check out our federal issues guide.

Our Team

Shimon Koffler Fogel

Shimon Koffler Fogel

Chief Executive Officer

During his long career in Jewish advocacy, Shimon introduced the Shared Values strategy, now adopted by much of the international pro-Israel advocacy community. The Hill Times recognized Fogel as one of the 100 most influential actors within the political sector, and Embassy Magazine ranked him among the 50 most important people influencing Canadian foreign policy.

Sara Saber-Freedman

Sara Saber-Freedman

Executive Vice President | Vice-présidente directrice

Sara Saber-Freedman is the operations and internal coordination lead for CIJA and is deeply committed to community-based advocacy on behalf of the Jewish people.

David Cooper

David Cooper

Vice President, Government Relations

David Cooper leads CIJA’s national government relations team.

Richard Marceau

Richard Marceau

Vice President, External Affairs and General Counsel | Vice-président, relations externes et avocat-conseil

Richard is a former Member of Parliament, a lawyer, a published author, a human rights activist, and a person passionate about the Jewish story.

Martin Sampson

Martin Sampson

Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Martin Sampson is a non-Jewish Zionist who is deeply concerned by antisemitism. Martin manages a team of communications professionals who tell the CIJA story and provide communications advice to CIJA stakeholders, staff, and lay leadership.

Noah Shack

Noah Shack

Vice President, GTA

Noah leads the GTA team at CIJA. He has more than a decade of experience in advancing the diverse interests of the Jewish community, testifying as an expert witness at all levels of government and serving as a spokesperson in local and national media.

Eta Yudin

Eta Yudin

Vice President, Quebec | Vice-présidente, Québec

Starting as a grassroots student activist, Eta has built advocacy expertise in community, government relations, education, communications, and human rights issues and in the nuances of Quebec’s unique political landscape and its community relations.

Judy Zelikovitz

Judy Zelikovitz

Vice President, University and Local Partner Services

Judy is a long-time professional and volunteer in the community working with, among others, Federations, small communities, and universities. Familiarity with life in both small towns and Toronto informs her Canadian community advocacy. Passionate about Israel, Judy also leads missions there.

Emmanuelle Amar

Emmanuelle Amar

Director, Research and Public Policy | Directeur, Recherche et politiques publiques

Emmanuelle’s role includes developing Quebec-specific policy positions to support outreach efforts, as well as monitoring and conducting research on antisemitism.

Sheba Birhanu

Sheba Birhanu

Associate Director, Partnerships

A Canadian-Ethiopian Jewish activist, Sheba focuses on human rights, safety, and equity in technology. Her work in Partnerships facilitates cultural, religious, and political collaboration in combating antisemitism and hate.

David Friedland

David Friedland

Associate Director, Government Relations

David is a Jewish community advocate who has worked at all three levels of government over the past decade. He focuses on federal government and Alberta and Saskatchewan advocacy. David brings smaller communities’ voices into the national discussion.

Yannis Harrouche

Yannis Harrouche

Director of Government Relations, Quebec | Directeur des relations gouvernementales, Québec

A non-Jewish Zionist deeply concerned by antisemitism, Yannis works to advance CIJA’s objectives in Quebec with the provincial and municipal governments.

Nico Slobinsky

Nico Slobinsky

Senior Director, Pacific Region

Nico supports the local community’s advocacy goals working with the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, community agencies, leaders in government, media, academia, civic society and other faith and ethnic communities across the Pacific Region.

David Weinberg

David Weinberg

Director, Israel Office

David Weinberg has represented the Canadian Jewish community in promoting Canada-Israel relations for more than 35 years. He maintains CIJA’s extensive set of contacts in Israeli decision-making circles.

Our National Board

Gail Adelson-Marcovitz (Chair)

Toby Abramsky

Joshua Ali

Michael Aronovici

Barbara Bank

Paul Bronfman

Geoffrey Druker

Howard Eisenberg


Rick Ekstein

Linda Frum

Richard Kizell

Steven Kroft

Jeff Kushner

Candace Kwinter

Karyn Saragossi Lassner

Michael Malowitz


Elan Pratzer

Martin Rosenthal

Steve Shafir

Ian Sherman

Jared Shore

Joanna Mirsky Wexler

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