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|March 31, 2023
A Word From Our Chair | Gail Adelson-Marcovitz

Like you, during the past few weeks I have watched the unfolding turmoil in Israel over the proposed judicial reform, the continuing and escalating – but largely peaceful – protests, and the hour-by-hour developments. And I am relieved that the people of Israel, who raised their collective voice loudly and repeatedly have been heard. It demonstrates the power the people hold and that change is possible even between trips to the ballot box. Truly a democracy in action and one of which we can all be proud!

We at CIJA have renewed our efforts to provide you with the most relevant information and timely updates to keep you apprised of the quickly developing situation.

  • First, if you want a refresher on the judicial reforms, what has happened and how we got to this point, click here.

  • If you’re interested in a deeper look into what changes were proposed, there’s also an informative infographic available here.

And, in response to the concern you have expressed and the desire to ensure your personal perspectives are heard, we have added a new feature to the CIJA website.

It’s designed to empower our community in Canada to engage constructively and directly with the key policymakers in Israel on these and other issues of the day.

Starting today, you can go to Have your say and find everything you need to connect with the offices of the central figures in Israeli politics and more.

Whether it’s a concern, an idea you’ve come up with, or an issue you want to raise directly, we have compiled a list of quick-access resources to take you directly to those making decisions affecting Israel’s future.

We’ve also compiled a list of mainstream English news services that regularly report in Israel and a way for you to engage with them. You can learn a little more about the issues of the day from an Israeli perspective, and you will be able to easily share an op-ed or blog idea you think would contribute to the conversation.

And, finally, if you are interested in understanding the issues of the day from distinct perspectives, you’ll also find a curated list of news articles on the bigger topics currently discussed among Israelis. In many cases, we will include the more analytical view of those arguments, examining the merits of each.

This new resource, Have Your Say, can be found here.

We hope this tool responds to your needs to understand and to be heard on the truly important issues that matter most to you and impact us all.

Gail Adelson-Marcovitz
National Chair

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