Maspik! Enough! A Unified Approach to Combating Antisemitism in Canada

Nov 22, 2019 | A Word from Our Chair, CIJA Publications

We know that antisemitism is by far the top issue on the minds of Canadian Jewry.

Our national grassroots consultations consistently report antisemitism is YOUR number one concern.

When we invited ideas on how to tackle the scourge, a passionate member of our community admonished us to “Get together already! Enough is enough! Maspik!”

She was right. Our community is much stronger when we are united, and antisemitism is an issue we must unite on now.

No country is free of antisemitism, no part of the political spectrum is insulated against Jew-hatred, and no movement is entirely immune from discrimination against Jews.

Contemporary antisemitism has many faces and many voices. It threatens our community on multiple fronts – from the extremist right, the fanatical left, and increasingly, from segments in the Muslim community. Some antisemites operate openly, others in the darkest corners of the web. What unites them is hatred of Jews.


We’ve done a lot of work to combat antisemitism, including advocating for a clear definition of contemporary antisemitism to be included in Canada’s anti-racism strategy (done!) to ensuring the Justice Committee incorporated our community’s ideas as they work to address online hate (done!) to increasing government investment in community security (done!).

But it’s simply not enough.

The enormity of this danger demands a unified approach, and we are calling on others to join a broad alliance of Jewish and non-Jewish groups in an innovative new initiative called Maspik! A Coalition to Combat Antisemitism in Canada.

We want to bring the best minds together to foster creative and innovative approaches to combatting the scourge of antisemitism.

Thanks to support drawn from the proceeds from the JNF Negev dinner taking place this Sunday honouring Wendy Eisen and Carole Zucker, we have the resources to launch this coalition.

CIJA and our Federation partners are in the process of establishing an arms length committee comprised of passionate lay leaders to oversee the grants and applications process where coalition members can apply for funding for action-oriented initiatives to combat antisemitism in Canada.

Join CIJA, your local federation, and other organizations to say: Maspik! Enough is enough!

Please visit www.maspik.ca to learn more and to let us know that you want to be part of this fight.

Warmest Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

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Joel Reitman Jeffrey Rosenthal
Co-Chair, CIJA Board Co-Chair, CIJA Board


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