#WeRemember Campaign 2019

Jan 16, 2019 | Antisemitism

#WeRemember is the global campaign to ensure the tragedy of the Holocaust is never forgotten. This campaign uses social media to spread knowledge and awareness of the Holocaust, while passing its lessons to younger generations. #WeRemember runs until International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th.

Ready to get involved? Here’s how!

Print the #WeRemember sign. Take a photo holding the sign and upload it to social media. [accordion button=”Need inspiration for a caption?”]

  • #WeRemember the past to build a better tomorrow. @WorldJewishCong  @cijainfo
  • For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, #WeRemember the survivors and the 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. @WorldJewishCong  @cijainfo
  • Together, #WeRemember the Holocaust to ensure that #NeverAgain truly means Never Again. @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo
  • Souvenons-nous du passé pour bâtir un avenir meilleur. #NousNousSouvenons  @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo
  • En cette Journée internationale dédiée à la mémoire des victimes de l’Holocauste, #Souvenons-nous des survivants et des 6 millions de Juifs assassinés par les nazis. #NousNousSouvenons @WorldJewishCong  @cijainfo
  • Ensemble, Souvenons-nous de l’Holocauste pour faire en sorte que #PlusJamais signifie vraiment Plus jamais. #NousNousSouvenons @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo

All photos will be projected for 72 hours on the grounds of the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp, and subsequently live-streamed via Facebook LIVE, YouTube, and Twitter.

The success of this campaign relies on you. Participate today!

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