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Jan 15, 2021 | Publications

January 27, 2021 will mark 76 years since the Allied troops arrived at the gates of Auschwitz. But the Holocaust – the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators – didn’t occur in a vacuum. It was the product of unchecked hatred and collective silence. The story of how Holocaust victims and Survivors came to be there in the first place must continue to be widely shared to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten.

This past year has been challenging for us all as we continue to adjust to life in a pandemic. The Jewish community has been particularly impacted by a rise in hateful and racist ideologies, shocking disinformation, and false conspiracy myths about the spread of COVID-19. It can feel overwhelming, even frightening, for many. Now, more than ever, we must come together to remember the past and build a better future for the next generations.

CIJA, as the proud Canadian affiliate of the WJC, is once again honoured to share the #WeRemember campaign, a global initiative led by the WJC in service of Holocaust remembrance. We Remember means never forget.

#WeRemember Campaign Instructions & Resources


  1. Print out one of these files at the links below OR Write ‘We Remember  – Nous Nous Souvenons’ on a sheet of paper
  2. Take a photo of you holding your sign
  3. Share your photo on social media
    • Hashtags –   #WeRemember #IHRD
    • Tag your photo with @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo


  1. Open one of these files at the linksbelow
  2. Take a photo of you holding your device
  3.  Share your photo on social media
    • a. Hashtags –   #WeRemember #IHRD
    • Tag your photo with @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo
  • Suggested FB caption We Remember the 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust.  #WeRemember #IHRD @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo
  • Suggested Twitter caption #WeRemember the 6 million Jews lost in the #Holocaust. #IHRD @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo
  • Suggested IG caption#WeRemember the 6 million Jews lost in the #Holocaust. #IHRD @WorldJewishCong @cijainfo

Visit https://weremember.worldjewishcongress.org/ to learn about 2021 IHRD events.

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