Guidelines for Submissions

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The Exchange is a feature of the web site of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs intended to provide an opportunity for respectful debate and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics of concern to the Jewish and pro-Israel community.

Authors will come from a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds. Some will be Jewish from Canada, Israel or elsewhere; many will be from a variety of ethno-cultural communities in Canada and around the world. Although a disclaimer as to the opinion expressed being that of the writer and not CIJA will appear on The Exchange pages, all contributors to The Exchange will agree to abide by CIJA’s guidelines for respectful online discourse.



Texts for The Exchange must:

  • Be submitted electronically to a designated staff person for review and posting.
  • Be approximately 400 – 800 words.
  • Conform to CIJA Guidelines below.
  • Be in traditional op-ed format, or video, list, review or other lay-outs.

Contributors to The Exchange will:

  • Be respectful in tone, language and intent.
  • Not use xenophobic, homophobic, racist, sexist or other offensive language.
  • When using quotes, provide the exact source. If the source is online, provide the link.
  • When writing about the Middle East, start from the premise that Israel has the right to exist in the Middle East as a Jewish State with safe and secure borders.
  • Understand that their texts will be vetted by CIJA staff for copy editing and to ensure guidelines are met.
  • Be encouraged to share their submissions published on The Exchange with their own networks of readers.
  • Allow CIJA to use their submissions in other advocacy contexts and printed or online materials.

CIJA does not consider posts on the Exchange to be exclusive, and therefore contributors are welcome to share their posts with other online or mainstream media outlets for republication, although CIJA is unable to assist in this effort. CIJA does not pay for submissions.

CIJA reserves the right to reject any submission at it’s sole discretion without explanation.

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