The Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants Commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan 25, 2013 | Antisemitism, Community Partners, Press Releases

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Friday, January 25, 2013

TORONTO, ON: – In 2005, the UN General Assembly passed resolution 60/7, designating January 27th International Holocaust Remembrance Day as a way of memorializing the anniversary of the liberation of the largest Nazi death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. This annual day of commemoration is of particular significance for members of the Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants (CJHSD), which is affiliated with The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

“On this day, above all others, we must pause to remember the horrors of the Shoah and to honour the memory of both the victims and the survivors who suffered under the brutality of the Nazi regime. The UN’s resolution serves to remind us of the dangers of becoming complacent in the face of evil in this world,” said Hank Rosenbaum, Co-President of CJHSD. “We are further reminded on this day to reject all Holocaust denial and to speak out against totalitarian regimes, such as Iran, that consistently deny the Holocaust ever occurred.”

The theme of the 2013 International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration is Rescue during the Holocaust: The Courage to Care.

“This year in particular we honour the many brave people – some whose names we recognize, others who remain unsung heroes – who helped to save Jews and other targeted individuals during the Shoah,” said Sidney Zoltak, Co-President of CJHSD.  “With great courage and self-sacrifice, these brave men and women held to a higher call to recognize and protect the value of each and every human life. This speaks to me on a very personal level, as my parents and I were hidden during the Shoah by a Polish Catholic family who, with extreme bravery, risked their lives to save ours,” said Zoltak.
“This day is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the injustice that continues to exist in our world – the oppression of the weak and voiceless, violations of human rights, racial cruelty, and violence endured by thousands of people every year,” said Rosenbaum.
“We dare not remain silent but must, with passion and commitment, also exemplify the courage to care.”

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