Sustain and enhance food security funding programs

Food security programs provide an essential service for many Canadians living in poverty. For Jewish Canadians, there is an extra cost as Kosher foods are often more expensive and difficult to source. COVID-19 has highlighted inequality and created extra pressure on Canada’s food bank system. During the pandemic, under the Emergency Food Security Fund, the Government committed additional funds to enhance food security and help ensure that all Canadians have access to appropriate food. Due to the specific food required by their clientele, some Kosher food banks are unable to access funds. As we move from pandemic emergency response to recovery, it is important to ensure equity in Canada’s food bank system.


Ensuring food security for Jewish Canadians by continuing COVID-19 levels of food bank funding and requiring food security funding programs to acknowledge and protect access for ethnocultural communities with religiously mandated dietary requirements. 

Election Resources

CIJA has been working with Elections Canada to protect democratic participation for Jewish Canadians. As with past elections, in this election, citizens will have many ways and days to vote.