Support of the people and land of Israel in the international community and at the UN and other international organizations

Israel is a key Canadian ally and the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. Unfortunately, some of the world’s worst human rights violators attempt to misuse UN bodies and other international fora as platforms to isolate Israel.

This practice unfairly targets Israelis, undermines peace efforts, and distracts the UN from the world’s most serious human rights challenges. In some cases, such as resolutions regarding Jerusalem’s holy sites that omit the historic and unique centrality of the city to the Jewish people, these initiatives are tainted by antisemitism. 


Publicly opposing both the one-sided UN resolutions that single out Israel and the efforts to isolate Israel and to negate, in UN forums, the Jewish people’s historically indisputable connection to Jerusalem. 

Ensuring the government’s positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict affirm the Canada-Israel alliance and draw a clear moral distinction between the defensive actions of Israelis and the illegal aggression of banned terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah. 

Question for Candidates

Will you urge the government to support Israel unequivocally when Israelis must defend themselves from terrorism? 

Election Resources

CIJA has been working with Elections Canada to protect democratic participation for Jewish Canadians. As with past elections, in this election, citizens will have many ways and days to vote.