Statement Regarding Passover Food

Mar 20, 2020 | CIJA Publications, Press Releases

In response to growing concerns regarding the timely availability of Passover foodstuffs, CIJA is joined by the leading Canadian kashrut certifying agencies in reassuring the community that the supply and availability of all Kosher le’Pesach foods will not be affected by the challenges associated with COVID-19.

We have consulted with all suppliers, importers, distributors and retailers of meat, poultry, dairy and dry goods foods and all have expressed full confidence in the continuing ability to ship and stock everything normally accessible for everyone’s Passover needs in the same quantities as previous years.

In addition, government agencies are sensitive to the Passover-related constraints experienced by the kosher consumer and are cooperating fully to ensure that all products reach the retail store shelves in a steady, uninterrupted way.

Due to some incidents of panic buying, a number of retailers have instituted limits on quantities of some products. These measures have been put into place solely to ensure fair and full access for all. We urge consumers to exercise moderation in their shopping behaviour so that those without the means or capacity to stock up are not disadvantaged during the weeks before Passover.

CIJA is grateful to the kashrut certifying agencies for their dedicated leadership on behalf of all kosher consumers. For any questions related to Kosher le’Pesach foods, consumers are encouraged to contact their local kashrut certifier.

Rabbi Saul Emanuel
Executive Director
MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier

Richard Rabkin, JD, MBA
Managing Director,
COR – Kashruth Council of Canada

Rabbi Levi Teitlebaum
Executive Director
OVH – Ottawa Va’ad Ha’Kashrut

Rabbi Mendy Feigelstock
Director of Kashrus & Operations
Orthodox Rabbinical Council of BC

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