Report an Incident

When buildings, schools, places of worship, cemeteries or individuals are targeted for attack because they are – or are perceived to be – Jewish, it is a hate crime. Other antisemitic acts, such as distribution of hateful material, may also be criminal.

Have you witnessed a hate crime or suspicious incident that may impact our community? Contact your local police immediately. Then click here to report it to CIJA.

Why should I report it to police and to CIJA? Because CIJA can help.

While respecting confidentiality at all times, CIJA can liaise with police and other agencies to help ensure the incident is properly addressed. If you are reluctant to contact police directly and wish to protect your identity, CIJA can do so on your behalf as a ‘Third Party Reporter.’

The information we collect allows the NCSP to study trends across the country. It is used to support the implementation and enforcement of legislation dealing with antisemitism and hate crimes, with an aim to prevent future incidents.

Report an Incident