Press Release: CIJA Deeply Disappointed with Change to Canadian Vote at UN General Assembly

Nov 19, 2019 | CIJA Publications, Press Releases


November 19, 2019

Press Release: CIJA Deeply Disappointed with Change to Canadian Vote at UN General Assembly

This afternoon, Canada joined with the anti-Israel chorus at the UN and voted in favour of a General Assembly resolution co-sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe, and the PLO that condemns Israel’s presence in Jerusalem and characterizes it as “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. Canadian support for the resolution represents a dramatic departure from a 10-year record of principled opposition to UN resolutions that single out Israel for condemnation and ignore Palestinian intransigence and provocations aimed at sabotaging efforts to advance peace and reconciliation.

In response, CIJA National Co-Chair Joel Reitman commented:

“While Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland offered assurances that no other changes in vote were being contemplated, we are very disappointed that the Government of Canada did not stand firm in opposition to the annual Israel-bashing ritual at the UN General Assembly. That neither this resolution nor any other currently being considered even acknowledge the obscene barrage of Palestinian-launched rockets and missiles raining down on Israel’s civilian population reflects just how distorted and one-sided these resolutions are.”

CIJA National Co-Chair Jeffrey Rosenthal added:

“Canadian support for a resolution that references the Disputed Territories as “Occupied Palestinian Territories” represents a distressing departure not only from the Canadian voting record at the UN, but a betrayal of longstanding Canadian foreign policy that rejects prejudgment of the outcome of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian self-determination cannot come at the expense of Israel’s security. Indeed, UNSC resolution 242 makes Palestinian statehood conditional on Israel’s acceptance as a legitimate state in the region and its ability to survive and flourish free of threats – whether those threats are authored by Palestinians, Iranians, or their various proxies in Lebanon, Syria, or Gaza.”

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is the advocacy agent of the Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA.


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