Protect the Jewish community

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to be Jewish, but statistics show that the Jewish community nevertheless remains one of the most frequently targeted minorities for hate crime. 

The Jewish community recognizes that physical security requires active partnerships with government and law enforcement. Measures that empower the community to have a greater role in ensuring its own safety – such as situational awareness training and security audits – are key to preventing hate crime. In 2019, Statistics Canada reported that Jews and Jewish institutions were the most frequently targeted religious minority for police-reported hate crime, and we have witnessed a spike in antisemitic incidents in May 2021. Synagogues and Jewish institutions are at risk of attack by violent extremists.


Instructing intelligence services and local and national law enforcement organizations to designate community “point people” to liaise with the organized Jewish community. These officers will provide the Jewish community with timely information on threats, security developments and best practices, and respond to emerging community concerns.

Using the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, establishing a government-mandated definition of antisemitic “hate crimes” as the uniform, national standard to determine what constitutes a hate-motivated crime and to inform law enforcement’s approach to hate crime investigations and laying of charges.

Creating dedicated hate crime units within all law enforcement services across the country, including resources and training to address the unique features of hate-inspired crime and ensuring currently established hate crime units are adequately equipped and trained to respond to hate. 

Enhancing training for law enforcement, Crown Attorneys, Attorneys General, and the judiciary regarding antisemitism, how to recognize it, and appropriate responses to incidents of antisemitism, including thorough investigations of suspected hate crimes and laying of criminal charges. 

Equipping law enforcement and intelligence services with the tools needed to combat extremism. 

Question for Candidates

Will you support federal funding to bolster dedicated police hate crime units?

Election Resources

CIJA has been working with Elections Canada to protect democratic participation for Jewish Canadians. As with past elections, in this election, citizens will have many ways and days to vote.