Prevent government funding from supporting hate 


In August 2022, it was revealed that support from the Government of Canada, including anti-racism funding, had gone to an organization that provided a platform to Laith Marouf, who has a long history of public and extreme anti-Jewish, anti-Black, and anti-French positions. This was not an isolated incident, and CIJA calls for a whole-of-government response to stop these incidents from happening again. 


That the Government of Canada to implement policies that will prevent taxpayers’ funds from going to organizations that give a platform to hate. This should include:   

A full review by Canadian Heritage’s on funding and vetting policies.  

Updating the Anti-Racism Action Program and the Anti-Racism Strategy to address the issue.   

Setting clear policies cross-government so that recipients of funding do not violate the government’s anti-racism policies, including the IHRA definition of antisemitism.  

Training government decision-makers on anti-racism and antisemitism. 

CIJA successfully advocated for Canadian Heritage to stop all funding to Laith Marouf and his organization, review the government’s anti-racism programmingand improve training on antisemitism and racism for government program officers.