Press Release: CIJA Concerned by Rise of Hate Incidents in Toronto District School Board

Feb 12, 2021 | Uncategorized


February 12, 2021 

Toronto, ON – Today, The Toronto District School Board published its Human Rights Annual Report 2018-2020. The report is the first of its kind in Ontario. It presents important data about hate incidents and the impact on the learning atmosphere at the TDSB. It also includes a plan to address these serious issues. The report shows an alarming rate of anti-Black racism, as well as well as rising incidents of homophobia, antisemitism and other forms of hate.

In response, Noah Shack, Vice President (GTA) at CIJA issued the following:

“No child should ever feel unsafe or unwelcome in their school or be faced with hate in their learning environment. CIJA is grateful for this report and applauds the data-gathering initiative undertaken by the TDSB to identify and root out hate and discrimination. Addressing these issues will have a tremendous impact on future generations of Canadians.

“We have serious concerns with rising levels of hate in schools. In the past few years, antisemitic incidents have included bullying, vandalism, and hateful discourse targeting Jewish students. These incidents make Jewish children and youth feel unsafe and often impelled to hide their Jewish identity, while inhibiting a healthy learning environment for everyone else.

“CIJA looks forward to studying the report in depth and supporting the TDSB in its ongoing efforts to address antisemitism and other forms of hatred. We will work hand in hand with our allies and partners in the Black, LGBTQI2SA+ and other impacted communities. Hate is not confined to Toronto, and we encourage the Ministry of Education and other school boards to ensure hate incident data is being collected and reported across the province.”

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