In Memory of the Murdered Gay Men…

Feb 16, 2018 | Judaism

Everyone is created in the image of God.

I am not sure why some police pay less attention to reports of missing people, if they are members of a marginalized community.

We learned several years ago that a serial killer in British Columbia was responsible for the murder of several women in the sex trade. Their remains were found on his farm.

When, one after another, First Nations women went missing from their families in Manitoba, several of those women were found to be victims of one group of murderers on the highway to Winnipeg.

Now, many gay men who were reported missing over several years in Toronto are linked to one alleged murderer.

If the persons reported missing were businessmen or dentists or librarians, categories of people who are respected and better understood by police, I don’t think that their friends and families would be advised to be patient and sent on their way. Maybe the murderers did not think that we would miss them because of their “place” in our society.

In the Jewish faith, we believe that, without exception, all individuals are created in the image of God. Can we behave differently so that all people might feel that we together are part of one community of people?

We know that it’s hard to change as individuals and it’s probably even harder to change the culture of an organization with the authority of the police. But cultural change is possible. We have seen this change in the past. We can try.  After all, we are each one of us created in the image of God.

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