Improve foreign aid

Canadians can be proud of our track record providing billions annually in international assistance and humanitarian aid, funding medical supplies, water, and food. However, if released into the wrong hands, humanitarian aid can be syphoned off from its target population with deadly consequences. While Global Affairs Canada maintains records on Canadian-funded projects, these GAC records rarely reflect actions by implementing partners, sub-contractors, or secondary project partners. Organizations such as UNRWA have never published an annual educational oversight report. Lack of transparency and accountability facilitates potential misdirection of important humanitarian aid, harming populations in need. 


Committing to publish an annual oversight report on UNRWA that is transparent and includes funding recipients, sub-contractors, the funding purpose, and project outcomes to ensure that Canadian humanitarian aid goes where it is intended.  

Improving Global Affairs Canada transparency and information management processes for foreign aid funding. These process changes should include maintaining full records on project sub-implementors, names of implementing organizations, primary and secondary beneficiaries, contractors, sub-contractors, and outcomes of funds provided. 

Question for Candidates

Will you urge the government to commit to publish an annual oversight report on UNRWA that includes sub-contractors and to improving transparency and accountability for Global Affairs Canada foreign aid funding?

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