How we do it

  • The LTF offers guidance and assistance to individuals and organizations affected by antisemitism or hate. Our legal support can include filing complaints with relevant administrative bodies and the Human Rights Tribunal, providing representation in disciplinary proceedings or litigation, or simply offering advice on navigating various situations.

    If you, your child, or your organization are a victim of antisemitism or hate and require legal help or guidance, please complete our Request for Assistance Form to connect with one of our dedicated volunteers.

    Request Legal Assistance

    The LTF and the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto have joined with Pro Bono Ontario to provide free legal services for families whose children experience antisemitism at a public school in Ontario.

    If your child has experienced or is experiencing antisemitism in a public school setting (K-12) in Ontario, visit Combatting Antisemitism in Schools Program.

    Get Help With Antisemitism in School

  • The LTF helps individuals vindicate their rights by launching impact litigation against universities, school boards, and unions. We prioritize cases that have the potential to bring about systemic change, set legal precedents, or address widespread human rights abuses.

    For press releases regarding the claims launched by the LTF, please click here: [link TBD].

  • To achieve our goal of empowering people to advocate for their rights and mitigate legal risks, the LTF engages in and arranges seminars and workshops covering a range of topics relevant to our community and assembles resource materials on pertinent subjects.

    If you're interested in having a member of the LTF Steering Committee or a volunteer speak at your upcoming event, or if you'd like to request a legal education seminar or workshop tailored to your specific needs, please complete the following form: [link TBD].

    To access resource materials created by the LTF regarding addressing antisemitism in the workplace, please click here: [link TBD]