Establish a community institution security subsidy

As one of the groups frequently targeted for hate-motivated crime, the Jewish community spends millions of dollars every year on security measures, including significant sums expended by synagogues, day schools, and Jewish community centres on security personnel. 


Establishing a federally funded security subsidy program for at-risk places of worship, schools, and community centres – regardless of identity. Institutions that pay for security personnel (guards from licenced companies or paid-duty police officers) could submit those receipts with their annual filing to the Canada Revenue Agency and be reimbursed for a portion of the total cost. 

Question for Candidates

Will you support a federal rebate to cover some of the costs of security guards for places of worship and other sites targeted for hate?

Election Resources

CIJA has been working with Elections Canada to protect democratic participation for Jewish Canadians. As with past elections, in this election, citizens will have many ways and days to vote.