Criminalize Holocaust denial

What starts with Jews never ends with Jews. The Holocaust was a horrific genocide where more than six million Jews and other targeted minorities, one and a half million of whom were children, were systematically murdered. The truth of the Holocaust as an attempt to eradicate all Jews is irrefutable, but the harm of Holocaust denial lives on, in part because of those exploiting social media to spread their toxic disinformation, perpetuate antisemitism, and try to erase Jewish history, trauma, and suffering.


Amending the Canadian Criminal Code, as has been done in Germany, France, Austria, and other countries, to include Holocaust denial as an indictable offence, thus countering the trend of denying the Holocaust as a means of trivializing or refuting historical fact, Jewish victimization, and Jewish lived experience. 

Question for Candidates

Will you support adding Holocaust denial to the Criminal Code?

Election Resources

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