City of Toronto Allocating Funds to Combat Hate Crime

Feb 17, 2022 | Press Release: Antisemitism

February 17, 2022 

Toronto, ON—Today, the Toronto municipal government passed the 2022 City Budget, which will provide resources to grow the Toronto Police Service’s Neighbourhood Community Officer program and to address hate crime.  

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has been advocating at city hall and the Toronto Police Services board for more resources to fight hate crime. This budget builds on the doubling of the Toronto Police hate crime unit last year. 

In response to the budget’s approval, Noah Shack, Vice President at CIJA issued the following statement: 

“We are grateful to Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council for passing a budget that will provide more resources for police to address hate crime in the city, to grow the Neighbourhood Community Officer program, and keep our communities safe. Toronto has experienced an alarming rise in hate crime, with a 51% spike in 2020, and it is essential for police to have the resources to address this deeply concerning trend. 

“This budget sends a message that hate has no place in our city. This is not only vital for the Jewish community, which was the target of more than one third of all hate crime in Toronto in 2020 but is also critical for the wellbeing of our entire city. Hate crime does not impact only the targeted individuals or groups. It attacks the very fabric of our society and the values we share. 


Additional Background
  • Toronto Police Service 2020 Annual Hate Crime Statistical Report
  • Pandemic conspiracy theories and recent global events have led to a marked increase in hate crime, with a 51% spike in Toronto in 2020.
  • Jews comprise only 3.8% of Toronto’s population but were targeted by 34% of hate crimes in the city in 2020.The conflict in the Middle East (May 2021) caused a significant spike in antisemitic incidents in Toronto, with 50 reported to UJA Federation in that same month, compared with 10-12 incidents per month between January and April.
  • There are approximately 380,000 Jews in Canada, of which 189,000 live in the GTA.

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