Canada Votes 2021

Your democracy! Your vote! Have your say in Election 44

Canadians are going to the polls. CIJA is dedicated to ensuring Jewish Canadians can meaningfully participate this election.

E-lection Debate

Federal election debate on issues of importance to the Canadian Jewish community.

Hosted by CIJA and the CJN

Elections Guide coming soon Canada

Federal Issues Guide

The Federal Elections Guide empowers and educates Canadians about the issues that matter to the Jewish community.

Questions for candidates?

You can help us preserve and protect Jewish life in Canada. We have included a list questions for candidates to empower you this election.
Election Hub Election Calendar

Election Calendar

Election Resources

CIJA has been working with Elections Canada to protect democratic participation for Jewish Canadians. As with past elections, in this election, citizens will have many ways and days to vote.  

Voting Matters.


CIJA is a proud member of the 2021 Canadian VOTE Coalition, founded on the principles of non-partisanship, inclusivity, and accessibility. The Coalition works to inspire and encourage all Canadians to vote.


What’s the Difference?

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is the advocacy agent of the Jewish Federations of Canada. CIJA is a non-partisan organization. Our mission is to preserve and protect Jewish life in Canada through advocacy. 

Think of CIJA as the policy and advocacy people.


The Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) is an independent multi-partisan organization dedicated to engaging Jewish and pro-Israel Canadians in the democratic process and to fostering active political participation. 

Think of CJPAC as the political engagement people.