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Stop the Uyghur Genocide!

Online hate is spreading faster than ever before. Too often, what starts with online radicalization can turn into real-world violence. As Canadians spend more time on social media, online hate poses a serious and growing threat.

CIJA is urging the Government of Canada to work with the international community towards ending the horrific human rights abuses against the Uyghur people.

Past Action Alerts

Support Black Communties

Support Black Communties

We have been listening to members of the Black community in Canada, learning about the hatred and racism that exists against their community. Listening is important. But it must be paired with action. The Federation of Black Canadians have four policy priorities,...

Support Bill 168

Support Bill 168

Jewish Ontarians are deeply concerned about the rise of antisemitism. Sadly, our community is too familiar with deadly and violent antisemitic attacks, like the ones in Pittsburgh, San Diego County, Jersey City, and Monsey. At home, Statistics Canada reports that the...

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